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C’mon, it’s almost 2020… you should know your website should be mobile ready. What does that mean? Your site should look good on mobile devices and have a user friendly experience for touch screens as well as desktop computers.  If your site isn’t mobile ready, Prolific Multimedia can upgrade your site to look and feel great on any device.

User experience and user interface design doesn’t apply only to apps. Your website needs to offer a great user experience on all devices that can directly convert to increased sales. Prolific Multimedia has a proven track record of increasing company sales through well designed mobile ready eCommerce and business sites. One customer, Ultimate Bunk Boards, had an increase of 1000% in revenue with the new site we developed!

Today, over 72% of all internet searching and  shopping happens on a mobile device. If your site doesn’t work well on the majority of mobile devices, you ARE missing out on potential sales opportunities. Customers expect every site they visit to play well with their mobile devices, so if your site isn’t fully mobile compatible, call Prolific Multimedia today to get an honest quote on designing a mobile ready website that increases sales for your business.